We believe more lasting change can be achieved by combining CBT techniques with therapies that also help you understand and address the root cause of the problems you face.

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Living-room-ideas-ArmchairsInitial Assessment 

a psychological assessment/initial meeting is the attempt to which the techniques and tools of psychology are used 


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Individual CBT

 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a confidential and supportive space in which people explore the connection between the way they think, feel, behave 


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Integrative CBT

 Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT) is a synthesis of two modalities: psychodynamic or person-centred, therapy with CBT as the main modality, in which people explore present difficulties in relation to past experiences.

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CBT Couple Therapy 

 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for couples;  relates, challenges, and addresses destructive relational patterns, by improving interpersonal communication, values..

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Individual Integrative Psychotherapy

By integrating different ways of helping people bring about change in their lives, integrative psychotherapy is a blend of two or more modalities.

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Whole Recovery Programs

Consists of two programs: (1) is for those who have a mental health diagnosis, or long-term psychological problems; (2) is for those who are seeking employment/career support via a personal development plan..

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Therapeutic Workshops

Specialists workshop sessions that enable people to identify and explore reasons behind destructive behaviours, by finding alternative ways of thinking/feeling towards a constructive and meaningful way of being.

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Consultancy Services

Clinical supervisor for trainee and qualified counselling/clinical psychologists, counsellors and therapists; and generic healthcare professionals.  Mental health specialist, and clinical advisor for organisations. Conference: Guest/panellist speaker.

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Individual CBT Can Be Face to Face or Over The Telephone  

Specific Phobias


Health anxiety

Sexual dysfunction

Post natal depression

Chronic pain/Fatigue

Bipolar Disorder

Habit disorders

Addictions (drugs, gambling, alcohol, Internet/computer games) 

Problems at work or being unemployed
Sleep problems

Relationship difficulties
Identity issues


Trauma-related issues (PTSD)

Managing Long term conditions (e.g. diabetes, chronic pain and COPD)


Low Self Esteem 
Frustration about not living up to own expectations

Panic Attacks
Generalised Anxiety


Obsessions and compulsions (OCD)

Immigration/asylum Social-adjustment 


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“my life was full of turmoil, I nearly went in the wrong direction… I needed guidance, a coaching and I was helped to build my self-esteem and now I can say I have set a seed for my future, thank you Laura….”

  I started psychotherapy at FreeMIND Clinic not believing that I could be helped as my problems were so severe, I could not focus, I lost everything close around me, and felt life was not worth it... Laura gave me the hope, inspiration and converted my thinking. I am now a new woman and I can now believe it......”

“When I first came for CBT, I was so stressed and couldn't get the help I needed from anywhere else.. I was able to get the emotional support and care I needed. This focused on building realisations of what I need in my life - I feel relaxed and can now do the things I had stopped doing. It has also helped me communicate effectively with others. I am so thankful I have no words….”

“We were on the verge of splitting up, but through couple therapy we have learnt so many coping techniques that will be useful in helping us deal with life setbacks – we were helped so quickly, and we are so happy....”

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